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Art Direction Art Direction
Costume design and construction Costume design and construction
conceptual design for tv, film, theatre, events conceptual design for tv, film, theatre, events
Props - Small - Large - Very Large for Film, TV, Theatre, Events Props - Small - Large - Very Large for Film, TV, Theatre, Events
Set Design / Construction for Film, TV, Theatre,  Events Set Design / Construction for Film, TV, Theatre,  Events
Special Effects for Film, TV, Theatre, Events Special Effects for Film, TV, Theatre, Events
Services Supplied
St. Helens
South Manchester Studios


AV Pictures
Mann Made Films

Sets Costumes Props Illuminated Table Wall Paper Bathroom Video Wall British Props Street Props The Tournament Test Trailer Motorway Fight Scene Motorway Props Motor way Dressing Bus Props Bullet Hits Tech Room Syndicate Room Head Wound Gun Shot Blood FX Hotel Room Set Design Severed Head Prop Guns Stunt Rifle Bazooka Champange Buckets Champagne Cocktail Glasses Fruit Red Dresses Fake Money Speedometer Bus Stopping Sign Toilet Door Bedroom Strip Club Hotel Door Security Card Reader Bedding Textiles House Plants Cushions Pillows Tables Chairs Set Dressing Paintings Bath Toilet Sink Tiles Shower Shower Curtain Towels Tile Decoration Picture Frames Photo Editing Paint Prop Making Drapes Prop Weapons Drapes Doors Trouser Press Mirror Glasses Champagne Flutes Strawberries Pineapples Grapes Silver Ware Air Bricks Plasma Screens Red Carpet Carpets Rugs Computer equipment Knies Machete Throwing Knife Pistols Gun Holster Compressed Air Blood Effects Brains Dvd Players Keyboards Perspex Headphones Leather PVC office Chairs Laptops Monitors Electronics Shop Banners Store Front Signage Cafe Props Cafe Dressing Truck Door Fire Effects Posters Groceries Shop Dressing Shelf Displays Sundries Shop Till Cigarette Machine Traffic Cones Street Signage Speed Signs Beaded Curtains Pub Bar Pumps Beer Mats AshTrays Drip Trays Beer Towels Darts Board Condom Machine Charity Collection Dog Waste Bins Street Bin Church Door Church Sign Church Graffitti Red Van Newspapers Sunglasses Shoes Shirts Nunchuka Moped Hire Moped Decoration Continuity Costumes Telephone Payphone Suits Shelving sticky back plastics Audio Video Cables Blackout Fabric Briefcases Podium Cutlery Gun Display Box Gun Box Photo Manipulation Cafe Menu Board Ketchup Fuel Tanker Bullet Effects Fans Meat Body Parts Meat Cleaver Butchers Table Stainless steel Table Hose Pipes Controllable Speedometer light fittings Lady Boys Flower stand Opticians display stands Petrol Station Bins Hand Car wash Banner barbeque Head Board Bed Police Uniform Scarf Bedside Table Office equipment Cardboard Boxes Smoke Effects Homing Device Marble effect Table Beer Cans Bottles Bar Dressing  Clock Face Old Mirror Peanuts Plates Leather Coats Confectionary Max Speed Max Headroom Brazilian Posters flags Brazil Football Car Camera Mount Body Double Dummy Shop Signage Hotel Fire Map Airline Ticket Boarding Pass Holsten Pub Sign Bandana Silver Trays Taps Cups Army Canvas bag Cigars Cigar Cutter Shop Advertising Posters Motor way Barriers Bags of Coal umbrella Kegs Barrels Buckets Sale Signage Lottery Sign Walls Sign Hollands Pies Dog Biscuits Sweet Boxes Crisps M and M's Hair dressing Signage Fitness Gym Signage Mobile Phones POstes Post office signage Toilet SIgnage Fire Eixt Signage Property for sale signs Bubble gum Machine British Flag Diesel Jeans Poster Pub Signs Men at Work Signs Church Candles Diverted Traffic Butterflys Security Signs Redbull sign White Illuminated Signs Fire Notice signage Maximum Speed 30 40 Bus Stop Sign Pay here at Machine Display Ticket No Parking Off Licence Sorry we are closed fosters illuminated sign Large flowers salt and vinegar pots fake plants cigarette packets illuminescent price tags poundland items shop items door chime manchester evening news sign dishcloths holy bible television Letter  Bed  toothpaste mirror light soap coffe and biscuits magazine towel rail decapitation camera mount stunt props stunt knife stunt meat cleaver
Shoot No.4
Shoot No.3
The Tournament Trailer Photo Gallery The Tournament Trailer Photo Gallery