Sign made for LASERACE


An 8ft x 4ft Plyboard was used to be the base for the sign.

The basic colour scheme and layout was achieved with trial and error, remember this

is the first time we have tried to produce a sign with a computer designed logo. Producing

the logo from a 2.5" x 4" image to enlarge to 3ft x 2ft and also to paint by hand was produced by scanning

the image and enlarging the logo as an inverted Black and white image onto 14 A4 sheets, scoring out from the

outside inwards while marking roughly where each line should be to keep the logo in scale. This we found to be

time consuming, even though we thought it was the quickest way to do this! we thought wrong.....

After 10 hours each in producing the perspective and finishing the logo to `our` satisfaction we eventually got

to the best part, `Creativity` and `Freedom` Atmospheric mazes and smoke were added to the Alien creature

emerging from the manhole in the center of the path all laser sights were aimed at the creature another creature

was added into the distance.

The boy and girl went through many changes style of the clothing and hair the features of the face,

gun and hands also changed many times. The children's trainers eventually came in handy for reference.

The Sign was complete more than 50 hours later from purchasing the Plyboard and Paints.

Updated on: 18th July 2008

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