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(Experimental Short Film)

Radiation burns on the skinThe independent and very small production asked us to produce 3 stages of makeup,

depicting the effectsof a nuclear bomb blast to the human body, using a very small budget.

To produce the makeup, it was established that the cheap and quick use of food ingredients would be best, especially

not knowing the actresses skin condition or allergic reactions to rubber or makeup.


application of dried skin makeup

The cracked skin look is based on the images from manga / anime Barefoot Gen.

Barefoot gen

dried skin effect

2nd Stage makeup - peeling / melting skin / boils, with the clothes revealing the burnt sore flesh underneath.

colour added to second layer with peeling skin makeup

colour being added to second layer of peeling skin makeup

radiation burn makeup on location

radiation burn makeup on location 2

radiation burn makeup on location 3

Warm water and moisteriser, was only needed to take the makeup off.

Updated on: 7th July 2008

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